Protection for multifunctional systems.

FEF and PEF foams not only prevent surface condensation, they also feature an integrated water vapour barrier – keeping the insulation dry and effective for long periods of time.

HVAC Applications

HVAC systems are very complex and combine three systems with different, but closely intertwined functions. Together they provide full control over the indoor temperature and climate in commercial and industrial buildings. Insulation can increase the energy efficiency of HVAC systems, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the system life-expectancy.


Preventing condensation,
keeping insulation effective

When HVAC systems are used to carry cooled air through heated rooms there is the risk of condensation forming on the duct surface. FEF and PEF insulation materials not only prevent condensation by controlling surface temperatures, they also feature a closed cell structure that prevents moisture ingress. By ensuring the insulation structure remains dry, FEF and PEF insulation materials retain their excellent thermal performance over long periods of time.

Healthier insulation for healthier buildings.

FEF and PEF insulation materials are dust and fibre free, contain no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and actively inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria. This combination of properties ensures FEF and PEF insulation materials do not have any negative contribution towards indoor air-quality when installed on HVAC ductwork.

Installation made easy.

Professional installers appreciate the easy handling of PEF and FEF material, and they do not have to worry about the harmful effects of inhaling dust, fibres, or chemical vapours. With prefabricated foam tubes, the pipeline insulating process is made incredibly easy. Sizes are based on the pipe diameter. Wider ventilation pipes or large-format system parts can be easily covered with sheet material.

More comfortable room temperatures.

One of the objectives of a HVAC system is to ensure control over room temperatures throughout a building. FEF and PEF insulation materials can play an important role in achieving this by significantly reducing energy losses through the distribution ductwork.