Closed Cell Performance.

FEF and PEF insulation materials inhibit a high level of moisture resistance which effectively functions as a water vapour barrier. Insulation materials with a high moisture resistance demonstrate a stable thermal performance from day 1 which forms an integral part of "closed cell efficiency".

Flexible Elastomeric Foam Insulation

Closed cell, flexible elastomeric foam insulation is used to provide reliable condensation control and longterm energy savings for the mechanical services in commercial and industrial applications. FEF seamless insulation systems improve the mechanical system efficiency by providing significantly energy savings. The in-built water vapour barrier reduces surface condensation effectively and reduces the risk of corrosion under insulation.

Polyethylene Foam Insulation

Polyethylene is a flexible and closed cell material used for thermal and acoustic insulation of heating, hot water, cold water pipes and internal waste water pipes in domestic and commercial buildings. It is effective at reducing energy losses and CO2-emissions. PEF insulation also protects pipework from aggressive building materials and can help to reduce the risk of condensation forming on cold water pipes.