CE mark

Common product standard in Europe

A valid CE mark is issued base on an extensive declaration of performance. In the process, the manufacturer confirms that they are responsible for the conformity of the building product with EU requirements. Affixed directly on the product, the packaging, or in the accompanying document, it provides information about the performances and significant features of the respective building product.

The members of CEFEP have tested the performance features of their FEF and PEF insulation accordingly and documented the conformity with the corresponding Directives. If the manufacture has issued a declaration of performance for its product, there is a mandatory duty of identification. Therefore, all CEFEP member products are provided with the CE mark for free trade within Europe. Extensive information is normally provided in the accompanying documents from the manufacturers.




Declaration of Performance for FEF and PEF insulation

A requirement for obtaining the CE mark is the submission of a Declaration of Performance.
Learn more about what is required in the process and how the declaration of performance is compiled here.